Grant launches new neoApp as part of neoHub controls system
Grant launches new neoApp as part of neoHub controls system

Controlling the heating in a home has just got easier thanks to the neoApp. Used to remotely control a heating system, the Neo is one of the most flexible Smart Room Thermostat solutions on the market today and can be linked with a Homekit, Google Home or Alexa.

Offering underfloor heating and radiator control, the slim and stylish neoStat’s within the neoHub system can be paired with the Grant Uflex underfloor heating and the Grant Afinia radiator range to offer a homeowner a highly efficient, smart heating system.  

When paired to the neoHub, neoStats can be controlled by the neoApp, which is available on iOS and Android devices. The neoApp is designed to work perfectly with the neoHub system, together they offer an advanced heating control solution that is perfect for modern, ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles. The neoApp supports multi locations and multi users, enabling property owners to share full or restricted access to the neo system and control the home heating from wherever they are.  

To ensure an environmentally friendly performance, the neo system and app include built in geo location technology. This technology ensures that users never waste energy in heating an empty home, by automatically reducing the temperature when a property is empty and increasing the temperature when its occupants return. 

Think Heating. Think Grant.