Add a touch of efficiency to your home
Add a touch of efficiency to your home

Whether you are building a new home and currently selecting your heating system, or are thinking about replacing your existing boiler, finding the right model that provides the best efficiencies and ultimately saves you more money, is generally a top priority.

With thousands of households across Northern Ireland having the highest weekly expenditure on energy when compared to other regions in the UK, it is easy to see why this is the case. Between the period 2014-2017 local homeowners were spending up to 18%* more than the UK average!

There are many ways homeowners can work to improve their overall household efficiency, from insulating loft and cavity walls, to installing LED lights and considering the efficiency of their existing or potential home heating system. In recent years, developments within the heating industry have led to homeowners having much greater choice, with heating manufacturers offering products with efficiencies of up to 97%.

For those seeking a traditional form of home heating such as oil, which is used by 68%* of households across Northern Ireland, condensing oil boilers provide the best option as the system is specifically developed to capture energy normally lost during the combustion process in normal boilers. Our Vortex condensing oil boiler range features a variety of models including wall hung, combi, boiler house, external and utility to ensure that you find the most suitable option for your home. The Vortex Pro Utility, Vortex Pro Combi and VortexBlue External ranges recently received a Which? Best Buy 2018, making us the only oil boiler manufacturer to receive such recognition for two consecutive years. Along with improving a household’s efficiency, the Vortex range can also help to considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall impact on the environment.

*Department for the Economy – Energy in NI 2018

**Consumer Council

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