Uflex Underfloor System

25 Year guarantee*

Uflex Underfloor System

Grant's Uflex underfloor heating system is embedded into the floor construction. It is ideally suited for new builds whereby the pipework is installed during the initial stages of the property's development.  The Uflex pipework is then positioned and clipped into place once the flooring's insulation and membrane has bee fitted, after which a flow screed is laid over the top and allowed to fully dry before heat is introduced.  

With a drying time of up to thirty days, the UFlex underfloor system can be fitted as part of the floor construction process, therefore causing no delays in construction.  Grant's Uflex system makes underfloor heating a viable option for a wide range of projects, from one-off new build projects and room extensions through to larger multi-property developments.  

Features & benefits

Screeded system

Once the Uflex pipework has been secured into place, the manifold installed and system pressure tested, a screed is laid with a thickness of 75mm and then left to dry.  During the drying period, no heat should be introduced to the system and no one should walk over the floor construction.  Using a flow or sand /  cement screed, as opposed to a solid screed system, means that the drying time is much quicker with the flow screed mix drying in up to thirty minutes. 

Unique edge insulation

Grant's Uflex system includes the supply of self-adhesive edging strip which is located around the surrounds of the area in which the screed will be laid.  This strip also comes with a unique "skirt" design which provides an overhang which curves alongside the wall.  This edging strip not only contains and seals the screed, it also serves to reduce heat loss where the floor meets the walls and allows for expansion of the floor. 

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Quick reaction time

The Uflex system is designed for continuous operation with heat being supplied through the screed all day.  This means that the screed acts as a thermal store.  As the change in the temperature demand between unoccupied and occupied will be relatively small, (17C to 21C for example) the manifold and controls will manage the flow of water into the system at the correct temperature and flow rate to satisfy the heat demand. 


  • Highly efficient when paired with a Grant Aerona3 heat pump
  • Operates at lower flow temperatures
  • Can provide individual zone control
  • Easy to install
  • Uniform heat distribution across the room area
  • Constant room temperature
  • 25-year guarantee on pipework only
  • No loss of wall space for radiators
  • Increased hygiene due to reduced air circulation transferring dust particles
Multiple Package Solution Design Service

Multiple Package Solution Design Service

Take advantage of our teams specialist knowledge and have your property's full heating requirements designed, quoted and supplied by Grant. Click here for further information. 


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