Afinia Radiators

The Grant Afinia Aluminium Radiators are designed to work with both low and high temperature heating systems, making them easy to pair with both our range of Aerona air source heat pumps and Vortex/Euroflame condensing oil boilers.

Grant Launches new product lines

We have recently extended our portfolio of innovative, efficient and reliable heating solutions with the launch of two new radiator ranges – the Grant Solo fan convector radiators and Grant Afinia aluminium radiators.

Available in three models including the wall-mounted Solo Compact Solo CompactMAX and space saving plinth heater, the Solo Hideaway, the Grant Solo fan convector radiator range is ideally suited for those wishing to tackle areas in their home that can be harder to heat. Providing an extra boost, each model within the range can integrate seamlessly into an existing heating system, including highly efficient air source heat pumps such as the Grant Aerona3.

The Grant Solo fan convector radiators feature clever technology, in a compact and aesthetically pleasing design, that delivers faster rates of convection compared to conventional radiators. With the ability to regulate its own heat output, the Solo fan convector radiators deliver the precise amount of heat when and where required and consumes lower amounts of energy.

The Grant Afinia radiators are designed to work effectively with both low and high temperature systems, making them the perfect pairing for either our highly efficient Aerona3 air source heat pump or award-winning Vortex condensing oil boilers. Slim in profile, units within the Grant Afinia range feature curved surfaces, a white powder coated finish and are available from 6-20 panels as either standard or vertical radiators. Grant’s Technical Team also provides homeowners with specifications for underfloor heating products that can easily integrate with any new or existing heating system.

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