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Grant Vortex Utility

Grant Vortex Utility

This high efficiency range of free standing indoor condensing oil boilers, designed for utility and kitchen installation is one of the most efficient oil boiler on the market today.

a Heating

Features & benefits

With SEAI HARP "A" rating, the range of features the award winning unique Grant Vortex stainless steel condensing heat exchanger and turbulator baffle system.  The 50-70 utility model has been designed to fit within a kitchen unit and, due to its reduced width, can be used as a direct replacement for most older oil fired boilers.

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Installation & Commissioning

Installation must comply with the current Building Regulations. As with all oil-fired appliances, Grant Condensing Boilers require commissioning at the time of Installation. This simple process ensures that the boiler is working at peak efficiency which, in turn, will result in lower running costs and long term reliability. Annual maintenance is also made easy by Grant’s cleverly designed front service access to both burner and all the internal serviceable parts. This feature enables Grant Condensing Boilers to be fitted neatly and unobtrusively within either the kitchen, boiler house, or utility room environment. Comprehensive technical information can be found in the installation manual.

  • High efficiency SEAI Harp "A" Rating
  • Features a Riello RDB Burner
  • Multiple flueing options
  • Full front service access
  • Fully approved OFTEC Standard and EC directives
  • Simple and quick to install with no complicated wiring
  • *One year manufacturer's warranty with five year guarantee on boiler heat exchanger (T&Cs Apply)
Grant announces streamlining of oil boiler ranges

Grant announces streamlining of oil boiler ranges

In August 2022, the Grant Vortex and Euroflame oil fired boiler ranges will be streamlined, with many existing models rationalised to simplify the selection and ordering products and making the process more straightforward overall.

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Product code
Energy Label
Product Fiche
Set Output
Max Output
NOx Emissions
Tappings Flow/Return
Energy Rating
Load Profile
VORTUT15-26 Grant Vortex Utility 15-26 21kW View - 26kW 130kg 860mm 470mm 603mm 95 Compliant 22mm Riello RDB2.2 a Heating -
VORTUT26-36 Grant Vortex Utility 26-36 31kW View - 36kW 144kg 900mm 470mm 603mm 97 Compliant 28mm Riello RDB2.2 a Heating -
VORTUT36-46 Grant Vortex Utility 36-46 41kW View - 46kW 150kg 900mm 470mm 603mm 92.6 Compliant 28mm Riello RDB2.2 a Heating -
VORTUT46-70 Grant Vortex Utility 46-70 64kW View - 70kW 282kg 1234mm 563mm 786mm 93.6 Compliant 1 1/4" BSPmm Riello RDB3.2 a Heating -



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