EZ Fit Vertical Conventional Flue (Orange System)

EZ Fit Vertical Conventional Flue (Orange System)

Many older oil boilers installations are generally connected to conventional flue systems.  this sometimes led to when upgrading to a condensing boiler that the boiler needed to be relocated.  The Grant EZ Fit conventional flue has been designed to enable Grant boilers to re use existing chimneys. 

Features & benefits

  • Can be used on Grant boilers up to 70kW
  • Maximum vertical height from top of boiler is 19m
  • Can be installed into existing chimneys
  • Flexi flue kits can be got in 6,8,10,11 and 14m packs
  • Quick and easy to install
  • For boilers up to 46kW, flue pipe diameter is 100mm
  • For boilers between 46kW and 70kW, flue pipe diameter is 125mm
  • Stainless steel flexible liner has a smooth bore which has purpously been designed for condensing boilers
  • Single skin extensions are white powder coated and come in fixed lengths of 150mm, 250mm, 450mm and 950mm. There is also an adjustable length 235 - 300mm


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