Package 2 Example – Heat pump, Cylinder, underfloor heating & aluminium radiator combination

Package 2 Example – Heat pump, Cylinder, underfloor heating & aluminium radiator combination

At Grant we understand that every home and homeowners’ preferences and requirements will differ, so we will modify our integrated heating packages as needed. 

Our bespoke integrated packages are specified based on a homeowner’s preferred heat emitter, as well as the heat loss calculations that are carried out by our Grant Technical Specialists.

Our technical specialists will manage all heating elements of your new build home, guiding you from start to finish on your home heating journey. In addition, they will work directly with your specifiers, Energy Assessors, engineers, plumbers etc. to ensure the most efficient, complete heating solution and will provide continuous technical support as required.

This package is based on the homeowner’s request of a heat pump, cylinder, underfloor heating and aluminium radiators. Our specialists have worked directly with all those who are involved in this new build.

Features & benefits

The main heat source chosen is the Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump. It is available in outputs of 6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW. The size of this will vary depending on the heat loss calculation that has been carried out by Grant. Flexi foot anti vibration kit has been selected to reduce any excess noise from the unit. The 13kW and 17kW Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pumps are registered with Quiet Mark*, the internationally approved award programme associated with the UK noise abatement society. 

The homeowner is given the option of choosing their high performance cylinder. The two available are the Grant AWave Integrated Unit and the Grant Pre Plumbed Cylinder. Homeowners have the option of choosing either cylinder units based on their preferred location and the aesthetics of the unit. 

In addition to the heat pump and cylinder, the Grant Uflex underfloor heating system and its components as well as the Grant Afinia aluminium radiators have been selected for this home’s heat emitters.  

Grant can provide all elements that are required for installation including the Uflex stainless steel manifold and Uflex clamp tracking. Full details of the Uflex components are listed below. Underfloor heating works effectively with an air to water air source heat pump, helping to save energy and money as both systems work at low temperatures to use less energy. Grant Uflex underfloor heating will work seamlessly with aluminium radiators on separate floors and each room can have different temperatures by zoning the house and installing individual thermostats.

The Grant Afinia aluminium radiators have been selected for the first floor of the house. The aluminium radiators are aesthetically pleasing and are available in horizontal and vertical combinations (see listed below) and deliver flexibility with installations. They respond instantly to changes in temperature, heating up much faster than standard steel radiators which allows you to regulate a room’s temperature easily.

To complete the full home heating solution for this house, Grant Uflex neo stats are installed throughout the house to fully utilise the temperatures in the rooms. The Grant Uflex smart controls is one of the most flexible smart room thermostat solutions on the market today and can be linked with a Homekit, Google Home or Alexa. Offering underfloor heating and radiator control, the slim and stylish Grant Uflex neoStat's within the neoHub system can be paired with the Grant Uflex underfloor heating and the Grant Afinia radiator range to offer a homeowner a highly efficient, smart heating system. The neoStat's and neoHub when controlled by the neoApp which is available on iOS and Android devices supports multi location, multi users and geo location technology, enabling property owners to share full or restricted access to the neo system and control the home heating from wherever you are. 

Details of the full package offering are as follows:

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If you wish to avail of our free home heating design service, please send your planning drawings with your preferred heat emitters to & our Technical Specialists will be in contact.

  • Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump
  • Grant AWave Integrated Unit or Grant Pre-plumbed cylinder
  • Grant Mag One magnetic filter
  • Flexi foot anti vibration kit
  • Sealed system kit which will depend on heat pump size
  • 30 ltr insulated volumizer (if required)
  • Grant Afinia aluminium radiators (horizontal options include 430mm, 580mm & 680mm high. Vertical options include 1842mm & 2042mm high)
  • Grant Afinia wall brackets
  • Grant Afinia vent & plug pack
  • Grant Uflex underfloor pipe
  • Grant Uflex stainless steel manifolds
  • Grant Uflex compression adaptors
  • Grant Uflex multi bend supports
  • Grant Uflex clamp tracking
  • Grant Uflex clips
  • Grant Uflex mixing pump unit (if required)
  • Grant Uflex 230V Neo Stats
  • Grant Uflex 230V control box
  • Grant Uflex 230V actuators
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