Why you should choose an air source heat pump to future-proof your home

Reliability and efficiency are key priorities when selecting a home heating system and together they can help to keep your heating bills down, whilst delivering maximum comfort.

With a growing focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact, more homeowners are now considering how to future-proof their homes which includes incorporating renewable energy technologies.

Air source heat pumps, also known as air to water heat pumps, are a popular renewable heating choice, especially for new build and deep retrofit projects because they provide an energy efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective way to heat a home.

How does an air source heat pump work?

A heat pump is a versatile electrical appliance featuring an efficient heating system which extracts heat from one source and transfers it to another, working like a fridge or an air conditioning unit.  

Using basic thermodynamic principles, the heat pump converts thermal energy contained within the air we breathe into heat energy that can be used to provide a property with heat and hot water. This ‘ambient heat’ is replenished by the sun making heat pumps both effective and environmentally friendly.