How much does Underfloor Heating cost?

The Grant Uflex underfloor heating system is a popular and versatile choice of heat emitter for self-builders throughout Northern Ireland.

This is due to its many benefits including that it works effectively with an air to water air source heat pump, like the  highly efficient Grant Aerona3, to help save energy and money, because both systems work at low temperatures to use less energy; it provides balance of warmth throughout a room; it offers increased hygiene due to reduced air circulation and ensures flexibility as homeowners have more space to design and decorate a room without blocking radiators with furniture.

But how much does underfloor heating cost to install?  Well, the cost of underfloor heating in a new build home depends on the following factors and once these have been taken into consideration the cost of your underfloor heating system can be quoted. On average the cost to install underfloor heating can range between £16 - £26 per m2.

Size and Number of rooms

The Grant Uflex underfloor heating system is a wet underfloor heating system which is especially suited to under tile and hard wood floors in kitchens, bathrooms, and open plan areas. The system is designed bespoke to each room in the home, which means the cost to install the system will depend on the number of rooms that the technology is being used in and the size of each room as this ultimately affects how much plumbing and piping is required.

In fact, the larger the house in terms of square metres, the cheaper the square metre of underfloor heating as the manifold and stats are essential no matter the size of the house.  

Layout of the room

As well as factoring in the size of a room when calculating the cost of underfloor heating, the layout of the room is another important factor. This is because if the layout is not a usual square or rectangular shape, it may cost more to install the underfloor heating.

Each room requires a certain number of watts per square metre, and this determines how far the pipes are kept apart. The average distance for the pipework to be apart in the floor is 150mm, however if a room required more heat the pipes may need to be placed 100mm apart.

Control Option

If having more control over your underfloor heating with the touch of a button suits you better, this will be another factor to consider when calculating the cost of underfloor heating. The Grant heating control system is Heatmiser 230V controls, which allows for up to 8 different heating zones, controlling 230V actuators. The controls can work as a stand-alone thermostat, or as part of an app-controlled system – the Grant neoApp.

Having a bespoke underfloor heating system means you can look forward to keeping your home at the perfect temperature as the warmth radiates up through each room. Our technical specialists work closely with you to design the system to suit the requirements of the room and your home.

Contact our technical specialists today to discuss your underfloor heating requirements on your journey to warmth. Send your planning drawings to