Combining technologies to maximise the benefits of your home heating system

When it comes to selecting a heating system for your home, homeowners have more choice than ever before. Innovation and continued research and development has provided homeowners with a wide range of highly efficient and sustainable home heating technologies to choose from and in turn, allow more focus on future-proofing the home to allow a greener future for generations to come.

Home heating technologies are also much more efficient nowadays and homeowners now have the option to further increase efficiencies by combining several innovative home heating technologies, developed to ensure lasting comfort and address rising energy costs and carbon emissions.

Check out our guide below on how you could maximise the benefits when upgrading your heating system.

Choosing a renewable home heating system

Air source heat pumps are an increasingly popular choice for new builds because they provide compliance and an energy efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective way to heat your home. Taking the decision to install a heat pump in your home as part of a new build or home heating upgrade is a great way to take a step forward in reducing carbon emissions and making your home more sustainable.

Although a heat pump will require more investment than a conventional fuel boiler, the running costs and comfort levels will be improved provided you ensure the house is adequately insulated. 

In addition to benefitting from a lower carbon footprint and reduced energy bills, you may also be able to benefit from government support too.

Choosing the right hot water storage

Once you have selected the main heat source for your home, you will then select your hot water storage solution. The Grant pre-plumbed cylinder range is designed to heat water faster and more efficiently than standard cylinders and ensure you have availability to hot water 24/7. Pre-plumbed hot water cylinders offer a high-performance, energy-efficient water storage solution.  By choosing a Grant pre-plumbed cylinder, you will help maximise the capability of your heat pump.

Choose Solar Thermal panels

Selecting the right supporting technologies is almost as important as choosing the heat source itself. By installing a solar thermal system and high-efficiency cylinder alongside a heat pump, the overall heating system can work more efficiently. Grant's solar panels offer homeowners and those working in the trade sustainable solar water heating, providing up to 70% of a household’s hot water needs per year.

Installing Solar Thermal panels is a clean and highly efficient way of using renewable energy from the sunlight to provide hot water for your home, while also reducing your fuel bills and the building carbon footprint.  Solar Thermal Panels not only operate with direct sunlight but also diffused sunlight meaning they will even work on cloudy days. 

Choosing the correct heat emitters

You’ve chosen your primary heat source, your hot water storage, and whether or not to install solar thermal panels, the next step in the process is to select your heat emitters. Heat emitters transfer the heat from the system into the living space throughout your home. The overall efficiency of your home heating system is dependent on the heat emitters selected.

When considering how to heat individual rooms within your home there are many reasons to choose underfloor heating. The Grant Uflex underfloor heating system has many ‘hidden’ benefits and is a great option for those looking for an unobtrusive, efficient and reliable heat emitter for a new build or upgraded home. With low-temperature systems, such as heat pumps, it is crucial to install heat emitters with sufficient surface areas to transfer the heat. This is one of the reasons why underfloor heating is often installed alongside a heat pump.

An underfloor heating system allows the whole floor to become a surface area for heat transfer, evenly radiating the warmth upwards into the occupied living spaces within your home. When set correctly, underfloor heating can achieve and maintain desired room temperatures allowing the heat pump to operate at its best, in an even, balanced cycle.

Designed for both efficiency and style, Grant Afinia aluminum radiators provide excellent options to heat individual rooms, as these modern heat emitters can efficiently distribute heat, whilst offering versatility to support the overall design and architecture of your home. 

Controlling your heating system 

The final element of your home heating puzzle is the heating controls. Installing smart heating controls to your home heating system can reduce your energy usage by up to 20%. If you do not have heating controls, you may find you are incurring unnecessary energy wastage and you have higher heating bills. This is due to the lack of control you have over the amount of heat you are using to heat your home and your hot water.

Having the ability to control a heating system from any location is vital in maximising a property’s energy efficiency. To ensure an environmentally friendly performance, the Grant neo system and app include built-in geolocation technology. This technology ensures that users never waste energy in heating an empty house, by automatically reducing the temperature when a property is empty and increasing the temperature when the homeowners return.

Offering underfloor heating and radiator control, the slim and stylish neoStat’s within the neoHub system can be paired with Grant Uflex underfloor heating and the Grant Afinia radiator range, to offer homeowners a highly efficient, smart heating system.

Our diverse range of heating technologies and bespoke service offerings have been developed to ensure you can avail of a home heating solution that provides lasting comfort and addresses rising energy costs and carbon emissions - all with the aim of providing a more sustainable future for generations to come.  

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