What is a hot water cylinder?
Grant Integrated Unit

A hot water cylinder is required for domestic hot water requirements as part of a central heating system.

If a heating system has multiple fuel sources e.g. an oil boiler or heat pump with solar thermal panels then it will require a cylinder which has two or three coils. A high performance, energy efficient hot water cylinder will be selected to support the system’s overall efficiency and work effectively with an air to water air source heat pump or a condensing oil boiler. Both the Grant AWave Integrated Unit and Grant pre-plumbed cylinders are designed to heat water faster and more efficiently than standard cylinders and ensure that homeowners have hot water 24/7. They both feature pre-plumbed and pre-wired elements which are conveniently located to ensure quick and easy installation. The cylinders are configured for two heating zones but have options for two further heating zones and a domestic hot water zone.