Oil continues to be the cheapest way to heat your home
Oil continues to be the cheapest way to heat your home

For homeowners across Northern Ireland there has never been a better time to stay with oil to heat your home as recent independent figures reinforce oil’s position as the most cost-effective home heating fuel.

Currently around 68% of households in Northern Ireland use oil to heat their homes and in addition to being safe and economical, industry body OFTEC highlights that using oil for home heating offers a cleaner and easier form of heating than solid fuel. Homeowners using oil can also benefit from a choice of suppliers and are not tied to one company, giving the freedom to change supplier any time you top up your supply.

Mark Eccles, Grant NI comments, “Oil continues to be the most popular and cost-effective form of home heating in Northern Ireland. If you have an old boiler, upgrading this to a condensing oil boiler such as the Grant Vortex, can help homeowners benefit from up to 30%* savings on their annual fuel bills. What’s more, those who use LPG to heat their home can make further savings of over 50%**.”  

Benefits of upgrading to a Grant Vortex condensing boiler: 

  • Highly efficient

The entire range which includes 63 models boasts efficiencies of up to 97%

  • Reliable

With a focus on durability and reliability, the range can offer you peace of mind

  • Lower heating bills

Homeowners can enjoy a reduction on their annual fuel bill

  • Convenient

The range offers a variety of models including indoor, external and wall hung – all of which offer an easy installation process and maintenance

  • Instant hot water

Enjoy instant hot water 24/7 with the Grant Vortex combi boiler

  • Adds value to your home

Installing an efficient and reliable heating system can boost the value of your property

  • Quiet operation

This innovative range won’t disturb you with its virtually silent condensing technology

  • Manufacturer’s credibility

With nearly 40 years as a leading heating technology manufacturer you can be sure Grant products are of the highest quality

Source:     *Savings depend on age and make of boiler             **Sutherland Figures – Oct 2017