Non Condensing Boilers No Longer Available
Non Condensing Boilers No Longer Available

Grant have ceased production of non condensing boilers since December 2013.

The installation of a condensing boiler is the norm and installers and consumers are well versed in the benefits of condensing technology. Due to OFTEC regulation and to assist the Government to meet its carbon reduction targets, all boiler manufacturers have collectively agreed to cease the production, sale and delivery of standard efficiency boilers from 31st December 2013.

It is in all our interests to see a move to a fully condensing market as these boilers offer consumers up to a 20% saving on annual fuel bills and significant reductions in CO2 emissions. Consumers benefitting from a condensing boiler today will enjoy increased thermal performance and financial savings for the foreseeable future.
All indoor, boiler house and outdoor modules boilers are now available in both our Vortex and Condensing Euroflame ranges