Helping you with your boiler upgrade
Helping you with your boiler upgrade

If you are a homeowner with an old oil boiler and notice your efficiency levels are reducing, and annual fuel bills are increasing, this may be an indication that you need to upgrade your boiler.

To save you from endlessly searching for advice online, we have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions to help with your upgrade:

  1. What exactly is the difference between a traditional oil boiler and a condensing oil boiler?

Modern condensing boilers on the market today provide much higher efficiency outputs and depending on the age and make of your old oil boiler, installing a condensing oil boiler could save you up to 30% on your annual fuel bills. This is due to the fact that condensing oil boilers feature a stainless-steel heat exchanger which captures the energy normally lost in the combustion process in traditional boilers.


  1. Does the installation of a condensing oil boiler take long?

Generally, the straight installation of a condensing oil boiler from your traditional oil boiler does not take long at all. Some installations may take longer as the homeowner may wish to upgrade their entire heating system, which can also involve the installation of more modern thermostatic controls.


  1. Are their any government grants available to help me upgrade my old boiler to a new one?

The Department for Social Development (DSD) funds a means tested boiler replacement scheme which is open to homeowners who own an inefficient boiler of at least 15 years old. For more information on the scheme just visit here or call 03448 920900


  1. Is it possible to get a similar replacement for an old boiler that is installed under a counter in the utility room?

Yes, the great benefit of condensing oil boilers on the market today is that they come in a variety designs and sizes. For example, the Grant Vortex condensing oil range features a number of different models from boiler house, external, wall hung and combi, to the compact utility model which is perfectly designed for utility installations where space is at a premium. 

All Grant products are available from plumbing and heating merchants throughout Northern Ireland.


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