GRANT NI Vortex Boilerhouse | The leading boiler for schools
GRANT NI Vortex Boilerhouse | The leading boiler for schools

Crowenstown National School was one of the oldest primary schools in the country founded in 1841. The original building was demolished in 1938, replaced with the current school which has 3 classrooms, a staff room and a large play area.

Under the Summer School Scheme Upgrade by the Dept of Education, schools can apply for 100% grant aid to carry out energy efficient works over the quiet summer months. These measures will make buildings more comfortable, cut energy costs and contribute to the Governments National Target of reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. The scheme is significant when you consider that about 73% of a schools energy consumption is on heating and hot water with the remainder on lighting and other small power appliances.

A Grant Vortex 46/58 kW Boiler House Boiler is the perfect boiler for schools and replaced an old cast iron boiler along with a 6 mtr Stainless Steel Flexi Flue with smooth bore internally in the flue which ran up through the existing chimney. Grant also supplied a sealed system kit as the heating system was re-designed, repiped and pressurised. Each classroom was zoned separately with a motorised valve on each zone and 3 room thermostats. A new 2500 ltr plastic bunded oil tank was also fitted.

Location: Delvin, Co Westmeath
Consultant Engineer: Clarke & Associates, Academy St, Kildare, Co Kildare
Installer: Aidan Walsh, Brosna, Birr, Co Offaly
Date Installed: August 2011
Heating Appliance: Grant Vortex 46/58kw Boilerhouse

GRANT NI Vortex Boilerhouse | The leading boiler for schools