Choosing the correct boiler for your home
Choosing the correct boiler for your home

The reliability and efficiency of a heating system is key to keeping homes warm and comfortable throughout the year. If your home heating system is not reliable or working efficiently, it could be time to consider an upgrade.

Every home is different and has unique heating requirements. Often, a heating system upgrade comes about because of a breakdown or to upgrade an old, inefficient boiler. Home heating systems may also be replaced as part of home renovation projects. 

At Grant, we offer customers a diverse range of condensing oil boilers, including the Grant Vortex rangeFor many years, this award-winning range has been the oil boiler of choice for many homes throughout Northern Ireland. 

When upgrading your heating system, a common question asked is, ‘How do I make the decision on which boiler will best suit my home and my heating needs?’ 

To help select the best suited boiler for a home, homeowners should consider the factors outlined below to ensure they install a reliable, highly efficient, and cost-effective heating system.  

Contact a local plumber  

The first step in upgrading a heating system is to contact a local plumber. It is essential that in the early stages of an upgrade, homeowners arrange a visit from a plumber to their property to discuss home heating requirements.  

When choosing a boiler system, it’s important to consider lifestyleincluding heating and hot water needs, as outputs of boilers can fulfil the needs of different requirements.  

Have your system professionally sized  

Once the heat requirements for the property have been calculated by the plumbera suitable size of boiler will be recommended. Sizing an oil boiler is an extremely important step in upgrading a heating system, as this process is carried out to avoid oversizing the boiler. It is a common mistake of homeowners to choose a boiler that’s output is too high, and this can result in heat and hot water wastage, lower efficiency, and higher fuel bills.  

The Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler range is available in 63 models in outputs of 12 – 70kW, including boiler house, outdoor, utility, combi and wall hung variants, so there is a boiler model and variation to suit all home heating requirements.  

Cost & Efficiencies  

The highly efficient Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler range helps homeowners reduce their carbon emissions without compromising comfort levels or increasing running costs. 

Upgrading an old non-condensing boiler will result in significant savings on a homeowner’s annual fuel bill. Depending on the age and make of the old boiler, choosing a condensing oil boiler can help to making savings of up to 25%on annual heating bills. 


Many homeowners consider sustainability and future-proofing their home heating system for its changing heating needs as key factors when upgrading their heating systemGrant’s core focus as a company is to provide reliable, innovative, eco-friendly solutions to the problem of rising energy costs and CO2 emissions, in the hope of providing a greener future for generations to come. 

All Grant Vortex boilers are compatible with biofuel, thereby preparing homes for the introduction of renewable biofuel blends**This adaptability means that homeowners can have peace of mind from knowing that when they install new Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler it will be suitable for use with future biofuel blends  whilst still providing the reliability and efficiency that is synonymous with Grant, and helping towards the move to a zero carbon future 

All Grant products are available through plumbing and heating merchants throughout Northern Ireland.

For more information on the Grant Vortex range click here.


*depending on age and make of boiler 

**depending on type of biofuel and % blend