Building a new home?
Building a new home?

An informed heating technology selection is the cornerstone for a comfortable abode

The number of house hunters seeking new builds in Northern Ireland continues to rise. Between January and September 2017 over 4,000 new homes reached completion in Northern Ireland, an increase on the same period from the previous year.

For those choosing to build their own home there are many important decisions to be made from layout to finishes and beyond but taking Northern Ireland’s ‘mild’ climate into consideration, one decision stands out as a crucial one to get right, that is how you will heat your new home.

There’s no doubt about it, we’re lucky in Northern Ireland to make it through a month that doesn’t require firing up the boiler and piling on the winter woollies, so choosing the correct heating technology to suit your home construction and family’s needs is one that will entail much deliberation as you put the finishing touches on your new home. 

Ultimately, homeowners want something that is both reliable and highly efficient whilst also providing long-term value for money. With 40 years’ experience in the heating industry, we’re happy to offer an insight into some of the options available to new homebuilders or those looking to make upgrades.

Oil Central Heating

Oil is popular choice for households in Northern Ireland and offers homeowners greater flexibility as they can change their supplier any time they top up. Furthermore, condensing oil boilers can help you save further on your annual fuel bills as they capture energy which is lost in the combustion process in normal boilers.  Striving to provide homeowners with greater choice and flexibility, the award-winning range of Vortex condensing oil boilers features 63 different models. Complementing its versatility, the Vortex range also:

  • Received a Which? Best Buy 2017 – that’s 63 Which? Best Buys
  • Features the unique and award-winning Grant Vortex heat exchanger
  • Offers an easy installation process with no complicated wiring
  • Boasts quiet operation and full-front service access


Solar Energy Heating

As the demand for sustainability increases, homeowners may seek a more environmentally-friendly way to heat their home. Some options may include solar panels which have grown significantly in popularity, or more recent heating innovations including air source heat pumps.

Unlike other solar arrangements, the Grant Sahara Solar Thermal system doesn’t require regular maintenance or the installation of an air vent on the roof. Moreover, the system can be easily integrated with conventional water heating systems.

The Best of Both

For those wanting to combine oil and renewables, the Grant VortexAir Hybrid combines the trusted attributes of the Vortex condensing oil boiler with the green advantages of an Aerona3 air source heat pump and offers an easy installation process that helps households safeguard against unknown future energy costs.

All Grant products are available from plumbing and heating merchants throughout Northern Ireland.


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